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Indie bands rock!

At least check out these great indie rock bands if you’re hungry for new alternative music that’s fresh, authentic, and filled with raw energy. If you like the indie rock of Orange Glow we think you should definitely check these new and ‘classic’ indie bands that rock in their own way.

Discover hidden indie rock gems

Just gimme indierock! That was a monumental song by Lou Barlow’s Sebadoh in the early 90’s. It’s the perfect anthem for this page. If you don’t know it yet, just check it out on this page. One of the most exciting aspects of indie rock is the thrill of discovery. While mainstream radio stations and other channels and may play the same tired tunes on repeat, indie bands are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territory. So there’s a lot to discover.

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If you like the indie rock music of Orange Glow (rockers should check the albums ‘Down to earth’ and ‘Have a good trip, dear’ first) you might also like the following personal favourites. Straight from the Orange Glow touring van.

Sonic Youth

Dirty: great indie rock album by Sonic Youth.

Godfathers of indie and alternative (noise) rock. Founded in 1981 and active and relevant for a very long time. They helped Nirvana a lot! All members are still active. For indie rockers we advice their album ‘Dirty‘. Definitely!


Spoon is an American rock band from Austin, Texas. And still rocking! Not one of the biggest names, but very much worth a listen. Our favorite albums are ‘Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga’ and ‘Gimme Fiction’. Or check out this great Spoon Mixtape playlist on Spotify.

Dinosaur jr

Unavoidable! Often mentioned straight after Sonic Youth. A bit less noisy, but indie rockin’ in their very own way with great songs bij Jay Mascis. They definitely rock and they still do these days! Also check them out live. Our favorite album is Where you been.

The Wedding Present

Our favorite indie rockers from the UK. Very 90’s again. Thank God we are 90’s kids! If you’re looking for raw indie rock we advice their Seamonsters album, great recording bij Steve Albini.


We already mentioned this band if you’re looking for great indie band rock! Check out the anthem for this page in the video. But our favourite indie rock album by them is ‘Bakesale’.

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Why Choose Indie Rock Bands?

Indie rock isn’t just a genre. It is a mindset. It’s about breaking away from the mainstream and embracing the unconventional. In a world dominated by major labels and corporate interests, indie rock bands always offered a refreshing alternative. And they still do! These artists operate on their own terms, free from the constraints of industry executives and marketing campaigns. By attending indie gigs, buying merch, or streaming their music, you’re directly supporting the artists you love and helping them continue to create art that speaks to the soul.

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With indie rock bands, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re drawn to the infectious hooks of bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes or the grunge feel of Mudhoney. So why settle for generic radio hits when you can immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of indie music?

A good starting point is this Indie Radio playlist on Spotify.

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