New EP ‘Old Songs’

New EP Old Songs bij Orange Glow.

Our new EP ‘Old Songs’ is out now. Including the single ‘Sweet ’n Low’. Listen here and on all streaming platforms.

With this EP Orange Glow returns to the more intimate lo-fi indie songs of the debut album. Two of the older songs did not fit on the first two albums, but still deserved a place for themselves. Another song was on the debut album, but I think it was a bit too fast. So this is a new version.

Later this year real new songs will be released, also more intimate indie songs again. Cheers! Eric

Orange Glow + Red Uzum

Orange Glow and Red Uzum recordings

Busy times here. Becuz there are TWO bands now! With Orange Glow I focus more on the songs and my indie (lo-fi) roots again. With the help of the band and others. An EP is on its way and a full album will follow.

The real band stuff is fully from the 3 of us (since bass player Han joined Marc & me). This evolved more and more to elusive kraut- & postrock. Less songs, more trippy adventures. This deserves a new name now: Red Uzum. Website and recordings will follow.

Stay tuned.